Griiz Koryun dan Gershek

A merchant, thinker, and lover of poetry


A merchant of high standing from the land of Rabhanast, far across the sea, he maintains a residence in Aaren, and is an old acquaintance of Perrol’s.

“Griiz” is his title, a merchant-prince, of the Gershek Mercantile Dynasty.
Koryun is his name, although he is often called “Master Griiz” when in Lugard.

Koryun is a cheerful old man. He is gregarious and welcoming to strangers, and possesses a keen sense of humor. Koryun is a master trader, and carefully husbands anything of value he possesses, whether that be goods, relations, or information, but he detests liars and those who are unreliable or break their word.

Apart from trade, Koryun is a lover of poetry, stories, history, and myths.


Griiz Koryun dan Gershek

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