Master Perrol

This old man was Lord Dhonyl's Tutor when he was a child. He still advises him as a man.


Perrol is an old, but very wise and well-read man. He tutored Dhonyl as a boy, and once Dhonyl became lord of Aaren, he kept Perrol on as his adviser. Perrol has two loves in this world, books, and helping “his boy” succeed. In that respect, he takes great pride in steering Dhonyl along to path towards being a wise, just, and compassionate ruler, and so in his loyalty, he will all he can to spare his lord from harm. Perrol has the tendency to hum to himself while thinking, which in turn, can happen at any time. Though his concentration is fierce, it can occasionally lapse without warning.

Perrol also enjoys fine wines!

Master Perrol

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