Marian Duelist Extraordinaire


Dueling is not about killing your opponent. It is not about enemies. It is a poetic aesthetic. A search for the true measure of men. It is a quest, driven by insatiable desire, to weigh the ocean in the palm of your hand. In the midst of a dance, a duelist catches a glimpse of what no one else can see, a glimpse of what men, and women, truly are. And what you truly are intrigues me, young Lady. Yes, I rather think that it would please me much more to draw that out for the world to see, than to collect a minor bounty. For what is a bag of jewels against the weight of the ocean, and all it’s bounties?

What do you say, shall I teach you, or kill you?

In return for not killing you, you shall become my pupil. I think you will find my rates for instruction very reasonable. I do not require much.

In Maria, a teacher or instrcutor or patron is called, “Jethro”

lvl 3 Fighter, lvl 4 Sword Lord

AC 21 (22 on full attack) HP 49 Init +6

+13 / +8 Dueling Sword 1d8 + 6 (crit 19-20 × 2)
Improved disarm

CMB +6

Str 9 -1
Dex 18 +4
Con 13 +1
Int 10 +0
Wis 12 +1
Char 14 +2

Acrobatics +9
Diplomacy +7
Athletics +4
Perform (duelist) +7
Slight of Hand +9
Sense Motive +6
Perception +6

Weap Prof (Dueling Sword)
Quick Draw
Weap Dinesse
Weap focus (Dueling Sword)
Dazzling Display
Combat Expertise
Improved disarm

Bravery, Armor Training
Dueling Mastery
Deft Strike
Display Weapon Prowess (+3 to intimidation)
Defensive Parry
Adaptive Tactics – At 4th level, a swordlord learns to adapt his fighting style to counter his enemy’s strengths. A swordlord reduces the attack roll penalty for fighting defensively and/or using Combat Expertise by 1 at 4th level, increasing to 2 at 8th level. In addition, after a swordlord uses his dueling sword to attack a creature he attacked during the previous round, as a swift action he can attempt a Sense Motive check (with a DC equal to 10 + the opponent’s base attack bonus). If the check is successful, the swordlord can choose to gain a +2 circumstance bonus either on attack rolls or to AC against that creature until the beginning of his next turn.

+1 MT Marian Naval Scale +6 AC, 3 Dex Bonus, -0 ACP
+2 MT Altaen Steel Dueling Sword
Nice Clothes



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