House Rules

Hey guys, so here are some slight rule and item changes that will help shoe
the rules well into the world of Aria.

And to make this easier to navigate, I’m gonna break this up into a different pages by topic:

Character Creation and Gameplay

This page is about what skills we will be using, those that we won,t and other thematic tweaks. and Some of the rule and RP changes regarding how I will run the game.

Item Tiers and Magic Items

This page describes the guild system of craftsmen in Aria, and how items are tiered, and how this corresponds to magic items in Vanilla Pathfinder.

Archery and Bows

Let’s face it, whoever originally wrote the rules for D&D had never actually used a bow and arrow before. As a result, they were few, bland, and completely, utterly ridiculous. Here’s my system for , if not fixing it, making archery a lot better.

Arian Armors

In here you will find some of the iconic armor sets of Aria, from the various flavors of Brigandine, popular in Lugard, to the scale tunics of the Marian Navy, and the rare but impressive Lameller armor of the Mrissan nobility.

Mass-Unit Warfare

So if we have ever have a battle that involves more than just you guys and a similar number of enemies, the dice-rolling is gonna get really tedious. So we’ll be utilizing a system of Mass-Unit Warfare based off of the similar chapter in the Ultimate campaign rulebook.

Campaign Map Rules

Rules drawn up to allow us to play through full-scale wars. Build on the campaign-level of the above Mass Combat Warfare rules

I think that’s about it for now, if we think of anything else, I’ll add it in here.

House Rules

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