Special Party Notes and Acquisitions

To help keep track of what is known about the following items, I’ve made the following pages:

Gillam’s Bear Ring

Erol’s Jade Mirror

Phaedra’s Paesh Dagger

Sikaab Poison

This poison, made from the the glands of a burrowing desert toad, is an extremely potent sleep-agent. The effects can be achieved through ingestion, via teas or in certain low-temperature baked goods, or contact with the blood. Ingestion takes about 10 minutes to take effect, while blood-based exposure through injury is immediate. This poison, in normal subjects, inflicts a state of dreamless sleep that comes on quickly, often with no warning. It sensitive subjects and species, such as dogs, for example, Sikaab poison can dangerously depress the heart rate to the degree that it causes cardiac arrest, and death soon follows.

Ingestion – DC 15 Fortitude save. Onset 10 minutes. Frequency 1 per minute for 2 minutes.

Injury – DC18 fortitude save. Onset immediate. Frequency 1 per round for 2 rounds.
Initial effects depend on how badly one fails the save. there are four degrees of symptoms, degree of failure will indicate initial symptoms, and each round, the victim will increase one degree until unconscious

1st degree or failure of 1-2 – you feel numbness in mouth or around injury site. it will become difficult to speak or use said limb, depending.
2nd degree or failure of 3-4 – the above symptoms, and general lethargy. -4 penalty to str and dex. It is difficult to move quickly or do full-turn actions.
3rd degree or failure of 5-6 – The above symptoms, the victim feels incredible waves of sleepiness, and begins to lose control of bodily functions. -6 penalty to everything, and make athletics/concentration checks to stand or do standard or move actions.
4th degree or failure by 7 or more – The victim immediately falls unconscious for 1d12+3 hours

Vials of Angak Pheromones (stinkbombs)

These clay vials are filled with Angak mating pheromones. In the wild, the reclusive Angak is a rarely-encountered, and fairly docile creature. It is highly territorial against others of its kind, but very timid in reality, and will generally flee and hide from other large animals and people. In the spring, male Angaks produce this pheromone from a gland located near their anus. They rub this yellow, sticky, foul-smelling substance on trees to mark their territory and attract females. If kept dry, by high summer, the gunk will harden and turn to orange amber, and cease to smell. There is apparently a market for this stuff overseas for it’s supposed medicinal qualities, but noone who lives where they’ll encounter it’s stink is apt to try. Partially fermenting the collected slime will make it more runny but no less sticky, and also enhance the smell with a foul bitter oder.

AOE splash weapon.
DC17 reflex save to avoid getting gunked up
Dc 16 fortitude save to withstand the potent fumes without vomiting if you are in the area, otherwise nauseated for 1d4 hours (1 save to save)

Special Party Notes and Acquisitions

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