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  • Erol Atlan

    "Errol's Downtime Sheet":https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Uu10dDQLpvih7eM54hDqZDV4Azl_LvCG8Xh-Gl-71oA/edit?usp=sharing *Backstory*: A man of mixed heritage, the second son of four between a Mrissan hunter and former Lugardian skirmisher; Erol …

  • Alvyarin of House Taab

    Alvyarin possesses a fearsome intellect, but he hides it behind a facade of bored decadence and whimsical manner. He has been friends with Dhonyl since they were kids, and has taken it upon himself to know everything there is to know about Dhonyl's …

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