House Tulleken

For the past 3 generations, House Tulleken has ruled over Kohlen. But the corrupt and competitive nature of Kohlen politics has never allowed them a stable hand over city affairs, and their political adversaries are always poised to swoop in should things go amiss. As such, the Tulleken are extremely suspicious of outsiders and, though tolerant of merchants and travelers, will deal harshly with perceived political threats and unsolicited nobles or their retainers.

The current head is Jaren of House Tulleken, High Lord of Kohlen, the 3rd son of the previous High Lord.

He is supported by his younger brother, and Oleh, and his elder sister, Eva.

Though the triumvirate has been the key to their administrative success after the conflicts of succession after the death of their father, it is rumored that the siblings do not see eye to eye.

The sigil of house Tulleken is a silver fist clutching a bunch of arrows on a field of purple.

House Tulleken

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