Kohlen is the largest city in Western Lugard. The city has existed since long before the nation of Lugard, commanding both a large series of productive mines, as well as the northernmost confluence of the Snakewater. With the citadel located on a sole hill in the north-west end, near the confluence, the city has historically been resistant to siege. And given that the only water route, and the most-traveled land trade route to Dalyria and Darica pass through Kohlen, it has heavy trade influence. In addition, it is an important industrial center in Lugard.

Since the large parts of the city are devoted to mines, warehouses, docks, and laborer tenements, the city has poor public order, but the wealth the city commands, coupled with it’s traditionally heavy-handed local rulers, provide enough security to make merchants confident of the markets there.

Kohlen has traditionally had an rocky relationship with Aaren, and often tried to claim control over the High Road pass, but was rebuffed repeatedly and decisively. Conversely, Kohlen is closely allied with Darica, whom they view as natural allies and close cultural kin.

For the past 3 generations, Kohlen has been ruled over by House Tulleken. But the corrupt and competitive nature of Kohlen politics has never allowed them a stable hand over city affairs, and their political adversaries are always poised to swoop in should things go amiss. As such, the Tulleken are extremely suspicious of outsiders and, though tolerant of merchants and travelers, will deal harshly with perceived political threats and unsolicited nobles or their retainers.



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