The Nations of Aria

Aria lies on the North-Eastern coast of the Mar An`Rabh, East of Banythia, and north of rugged Shaien. Aria Was the Easternmost Conquest of the (New) Shaltaen Empire, but was only under Shaltaen rule for a short time before the Empire itself collapsed and splintered. The way in which the Shaltaen commanders sought to pacify and rule this land, and how they fell from power, both have had huge impacts on the geopolitical balance of the land, and the character and relations of the people who live there. Aria possesses much resource wealth in its lush coastal plains, mountains flush with game and valuable minerals, the vast plains of the akyatel, as well as the coastal mouths of two navigable rivers whose watershed encompasses all of Aria as well as parts of the surrounding regions. this makes Aria and it`s port cities of supreme mercantile importance.

Lugardian Royal Family Tree

There are three main Nations in the region of Aria:

Laegen Mar



As well as some smaller city-states and minor powers:




There are also some mountainous areas that are not directly under the control of any one state, as well as vast areas of the Akyatel, home to the proud and inscrutable nomadic Mrissa, who rarely bow to any authority outside of their own tribe.

Other Races and peoples:

Rabhanast – Desert empire south across the Mar An’Rabh.

The Al’Qeri (Frog Men)

The GrĂ¼n – A hairy, heavy-bodied species from South-East of Shaien

The Nations of Aria

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