The Red Band

The red band is an all-female Lugardian scout and light-infantry commando force. They were formed following the fall of the Shaltaen empire, when a raiding band of Shaltaen deserters descended upon a Lugardian mountain village of Middsvellen, killing all the men and children, and taking the women as slaves. Fresh on the carnage of their attack, the band decided to settle, taking their new captives as wives. two weeks later, the village women enacted a plot to drug their new “husbands”, lure them into the nearby mine tunnels, and there the Shaltaens were butchered to a man. The surviving women, stained red by blood, took up the arms and armor of their former captors, and departed to take the fight to their enemies.

In the 200 years since, the red band has maintained the tradition of being an all-female unit, and has gained fame for their stealth, knowledge of the mountain ways and skill at arms, particularly with the bow. It is said that no man is more fierce, and only a Mrissan more sneaky, than the women of the red band.

The red band is paid from the coffers of the royal treasury, their activities funded in lieu of a land-grant fiefdom. There has, however, been a history of unease between the band and their employers, as they are want to be stubborn and disobey orders if they find them distasteful, but are too dangerous and too useful to get rid of or fire.

The band’s colors are scarlet on deep forest green. They traditionally wear a right sash on their left arm, and parade uniforms feature a scarlet slash from right shoulder to left hip.

The Red Band

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